Everyone Counts

If you are affiliated with the University of Oulu in any role – even as a visitor – you can participate to all of the experiments available on the front page.

But we also need your help otherwise, in literally designing the future of TellusMore now during this pilot stage:

The Pilot Stage

The pilot stage is happening right now. The purpose of this period in 2020 is to get feedback and design together with the community features and ideas for the next version of the platform. At the bottom of the front page, you will find a link to directly leave ideas and feedback to us. It's marked with orange colour, and it says 'give us your ideas and feedback'. You can't miss it.

Awards, Raffles, Goodies!

During the pilot stage, we will organize two prize draws, with prizes such as coffee tickets to the cafeterias on both campuses (Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas), Finnkino movie tickets, and other miscellaneous rewards.

Future Plans

We are driven by the idea of promoting Open Citizen Science within the higher education community: Creating science together, to be disseminated to the community and, of course, to the world. All researchers using TellusMore as the source of eager participants must agree to publish the results following a full open-access model and, in addition, to provide us a short summary of the results. This way, we'll be able to communicate back the results to the volunteer community – your community!

We will first establish a steady presence at the University of Oulu, and start enrolling volunteer contributors to our platform. At the same time, we will implement a solid array of scientifically validated self-tests to the platform, giving students an excellent, 100% free opportunity to learn more about themselves.

Another key consideration for the future of TellusMore is availability of interesting experiments. While the experiments during this pilot stage come from the Center for Ubiquitous Computing and Tellus, later on we will focus on raising awareness among other research groups and organizations inside the community, so that we will be able to have greated diversity in the available experiments; Experiments from all faculties and scientific disciplines!