Our Mission

We will offer the higher education commynity in Finland a free public platform for co-creating human-centric science online.


Human-centric research very often relies on the availability of other humans to study: participants that willingly enroll in many types of experiments. These experiments often call for participants from the community itself. Yet, it is often difficult to discover such participation opportunities: The bridges between research units and the larger higher education community could use some solidifying. By the same token, awareness between research units is essential, and we believe that concretely showcasing the ongoing research of other units can help scientists to unearth common ground and ultimately collaborate more.


TellusMore is a scientific local crowdsourcing platform. It empowers the University of Oulu community to literally co-create science, thereby embracing the university values of upholding a shared academic alliance that works together toward a greater good.


We start small, in Oulu. For now. Any research unit at University of Oulu can deploy experiments on TellusMore. At this Beta-stage, please simply direct your inquiries about deploying an experiment on the platform to the contact email address: tellusmore@oulu.fi. We’ll help you get started.

The Team & Contact:

Simo Hosio: Associate Professor, Center for Ubiquitous Computing
Sergei Kopytin: Development Manager, Tellus

Email us: tellusmore@oulu.fi

Acknowledgements: MD Saroar Jahan for his initial contributions

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