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We're so glad you're here. TellusMore is a new grassroots science initiative to empower the higher education community to contribute to research. Read more about TellusMore. Please note that by continuing to use TellusMore, you consent to your data being used for science, as per the descriptions in each of the experiments below. Finally, we're now in a pilot stage and just beginning to find our shape – we need your help!

Introduction to the Platform

Take this questionnaire to see how the TellusMore platform works and earn your first credits.

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Tellus Questionnaire

Have you been to Tellus Linnanmaa lately? Take this short questionnaire!

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Define Creativity!

We are interested in how you define creativity. This is a short task but an important one!

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Opinions about company presence at the university

This survey is conducted as a part of a master's thesis, results of which are used to help in developing the company collaboration and career service activities of University of Oulu. The survey is aimed at degree students (bachelor's or master's).

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